International Meeting and boat show of the ACBS

Paul Miller

Canoe Nut
Hi All,

Starting tomorrow and running through Sunday the 25th Peter and I will be at the International meeting of the Antique and Classic Boat Society at the Abby of Lake Geneva, WI.

Peter and I will have his new Willits complete with sail rig, the OT Raceplane, my Walter Dean Sunnyside Cruiser and W.T. Bush canoe at the show.

There will be more than 125 boats on display from 10am to 4pm each day.

Stop by and say hello,



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Results are IN!

The 36th International ACBS Meeting and Boat Show at Lake Geneva Wisconsin was a great time and the crowd and judges liked our entries.

The show was the largest Annual meeting of the ACBS in both attendance and boat entries. More than 150 boats.

I won First Place in "Canoe", with my W.T. Bush alternating strip canoe "Two Tone".

Peter Mueller won First Place in "Restored Racing Outboard" with the OT Raceplane "Nonsense II".

Best Original/unrestored boat of the entire show was Peter Muellers Willits Brothers sailing canoe. The award comes with a giant trouphy that you get the carry around all year and bring back to the next annuall meeting.

Peter and I had a great time speaking to to hundreds of people who knew a lot and some that knew nothing about canoes. We spread the word to many about the WCHA and the valuable information they can obtain by logging on to the website. We also mentioned they can join when logging on.

Pictures are attached.




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Nicely done, guys - nobody else stood a chance, as far as we're concerned.
Your custom stands look wonderful, too - very complementary!
Paul and Peter,
Wonderful canoes and displays. Congratulations! Well earned and deserved recognition.
I'm sure your efforts will help bring more interest to the WCHA. Sounds like it was fun too.
Way to go!
Thanks for the comments,

To Ken, you were an inspiration to us when we noticed your wins at other ACBS boat shows.

We did have a lot of fun and it appeared we were about the only boat owners actually speaking to folks and answering questions. Of course it was easier to get up close and personal to our canoes.

Give it try,