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Roger Young

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Thought maybe some of the WCHA sailing fraternity might be interested in this OT sailing model I came across while researching the build records. Looks like it might be a 'one-off', certainly a fairly unique order (perhaps not?). It's a 17' AA Centerboard sailing special, "Fraling"? (not sure of the handwriting) model, with open mahogany gunwales, 42" mahogany decks, thwarts and seats, outside stems, floor rack, keel as well as bilge keels, with brass bang plates the full length of all keels, painted white with mahogany left natural (no stain). Build record is below. Built in early 1938, and shipped on 21 March of that year to the Touring Kayak Club, City Island, NY.


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The Swede Hilding Froling was a preeminent canoe designer of the first decades of the twentieth century. In 1927 he won the American Canoe Association's canoe sailing championship at Sugar Island. He is on the right
in the image. James Newman, who was defeated, is on the left.


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