Insuring my W/C canoe


What are people's thoughts about insuring theire canoes? I have two canoes both of which I couldn't live with out. Do most people insure them against fire/theft etc. etc.?

I got a quote from my state farm agent and he said approximately $100/yr. Does this sound reasonable? Any comments about what other people do with their canoes would be greatly appreciated!

We insure ours through Hagerty... through our local insurance agent. It's good from the standpoint that they deal with us goofball "collectors", who have boats in various stages of decomposition... err... restoration. We gave them a list of what we have and the stage of restoration for each, with an estimated value. The coverage is much better than what we'd have gotten through our household insurance, which assumes a canoe is just a canoe, and not a personal friend. WCHA and ACBS members get a special rate.
Canoes may be covered under your normal house insurance. My standard home insurance covers up to $2000 for such items as canoes.

I was informed to check with my insurance company after loseing my royalex prospector on it maiden run last April (white water and lots of it).

I started the claim to get my canoe replaced but fortunately my canoe was located about 20km down river about 10 days later.


Good information to know. I suppose homeowners would be enough, but with heirloom W/C canoes that are impossible to replace I figured some sort of additional insurance should be taken out.

Being in Canada, that insurance company probably won't work but I appreciate the information. I definately need to find a broker up here that would offer a similar coverage as Hagarty.

Any other ways people insure their wood/canvas canoes?

I mean how can you possible put a value on a turn of the century W/C canoe that can't be replaced or rebuilt? Any suggestions?

I just got off the phone with Hagerty. Since Kathy and I have our coverage there I thought I would check if they indeed covered Canada . Yes they do! :)
You can go to the link Kathy supplied and there is an eight hundred number there you can call. Make sure you tell them you are a WCHA member.
thank you

Wow, thank you very much for making the phone call. I will call them first thing in the morning and see what I can set up. I sincerely appreciate the effort!!!


A while back, I called my renters insurance company and learned that personal watercraft < a certain length (I don't remember if it was 15 or 20 ft) were covered. It's company specific, but it's entirely possible that many of us are covered under renters or home owners policies and don't necessarily know it.
Most would be covered under Homeowners insurance but don't forget the deductable may negate any savings.
I recommend Hagerty and I live in Canada.
Fact is a number of my clients have told stories of boats going astray.
A no haggle policy could be worth its weight in understanding.
Incidentally the boat on your car or trailor is covered under your auto insurance.