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What is a complete Old Town sail rig worth for insurance purposes? Leeboards, rudder, mast, spars, sail and hardware. Also a pair of leathered oars and oar locks. Assuming it's ready to use. Ballpark dollar figure? Not including the canoe - I can figure that part.

Jim C.
Old Town doesn't sell these any more so the exact replacement value is not clear. The price list at list.htm#Sail Rig shows "Sail Rig Custom designed $1200-$2500" and lists a pair of oars with sewn on leathers for about $350 plus $229 for polished oarlocks. I would guess that about $3000 could get you a reasonable new replacement but you could probably find all of this used for about $500 on eBay if you are not in a hurry. Please reply here if you get some better numbers or suggestions.


Whats the value of an ultra rare, slightly abused one off Chestnut sailing canoe?:confused:


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