Innu Canoe Build - Birchbark Methods with Canvas

Murat V

LOVES Wooden Canoes
Don't think these vids have been posted before. They're from the new Innu Aitun website that features a canoe build. Pretty much a birchbark method style construction but with modern PVC coated canvas for a skin instead of birchbark. Single gunwale construction (no outwale) with interesting assembly of exterior stems...very much like the construction documented in Canoe Construction in the Cree Cultural Tradition by Garth Taylor (1980). Very neat way of maintaining the old ways with accessible, modern materials or for someone who wants a wood-canvas with constructing a cumbersome form.

Tried, but can't seem to embed them here since they aren't in standard youtube you have to visit their site to see them. Also just posted them on my own site here