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Tough one to read, Dennis. Hope you can get something out of this. Being the last one in the box, it probably suffered some interaction with the cedar oils in the storage box. I think this is your boat (does say "boat" under model and mentions "oars" and possibly "rudder") and the next build record in the series is 14998. Looks like late 1910 on this baby. Possible delevery to CUmberland Co. ME? Hope the boat is in better shape than the record.

Good luck.



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The boat that goes with that build record looks like this. It's currently on eBay, and we were curious about its origins. Thanks for the help.


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Lot of features about that boat that don't look "Old Townish" straight ribs, seats on a strake, deck profile. Either that boat is extremely well cared for or it's not the 1910 boat in the build record.

Just a guess
This boat is on ebay and the seller states he reworked it. It is listed under the Old Town Canoe heading. I don't know how to put that here. Kathy put the photo on earlier. The seller is from Baileys Harbor, Wis.
Peace, Denis