If I had a million dollars... I would buy that Chestnut 12 footer


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Ok, so posting this is going to make me VERY UNHAPPY but happy that someone else might get it FOR THE SAKE OF HISTORICAL PRESERVATION. If only I weren't a poor starving junior teacher trying to save up to get owned by the bank aka mortgage, I would go for this in a second. The price is so right there must be something wrong.

It's the rare Chestnut 12 foot canoe.

I'm hoping that someone near Toronto or Muskoka picks this up so that I can at least see it. (or maybe I'll buy it from you at a later date!)

The little Chestnut red book says: "Originally designed for one man and his pack, the width and depth are such that it is often used for larger loads. It's shortness is an avantage in navigating crooked streams and in portaging through heavy brush. A prime favorite with muskrat hunters."

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Then again I guess it could be the 12 foot prospector (Forest). If it is even 12 feet at all. You'll have to forgive my excitement, the price is right no matter what the length.
Maybe consider yourself lucky....


I'm not sure you are really missing out. Everybody thinks they want these little canoes. I have a "Peterborough" version that is actually probably the same canoe. I inherited it from my Mother-in-law and it is the reason I am a addicted wooden canoe nut, but that is about as far as it goes for good qualities.

That canoe is responsible for dumping me in the water more times than any other canoe I have combined and I know how to handle the thing!! My mother-in-law was quite the prankster, so I kid that she is playing tricks on her son-in-law and dumping me when I least expect it.

It does make a good canoe for creeping about in swamps and probably would be great for hunting 'scrats, but you have to kneel in the middle to paddle it or suffer the consequences. You can't go tandem it in either.
That's good to know. I solo alot, so it was attractive, but if it's unstable then I guess it's best left to collectors. Maybe that explains the price.

But it's cute!
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One of those came up for sale in my area a while back. I went to have a look and what Fitz says is almost word for word (sans the mother-in-law part) what the guy told me about it and the reason he was selling.

Not a good sales pitch, I'd say, as it never sold me (and I'm easy when it comes to W/C canoes) but it sure was/is a pretty little boat.
Ron Pellinen of Black Beaver Canoes Sault St. Marie Ont. makes a sweet little 11 footer -Check it out. His work is very good.

Yep Doug, I'm pretty much unbalanced and not afraid to admit it. I can hardly wait to reach "crazy".:p