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I am currently restoring a HW (1941-2) and we would like to be able to temporarily use it as a sailing canoe. Is it possible? And I would like some photos of the rigging, especially the rudder controls. Canoeing and sailing are two passions that would be fun to merge. Ideas?
Let me clarify that a bit. I have a friend who is an experienced sailor. We were looking at pictures of sailing rigs online. We couldn't make out how the rudder was controlled. We could see the lines go to the center thwart but do they then come back to the sailor or do they tie together to make a loop with the sailor pulling on one side or the other ? It kind of looked like one of those deals where you would need 3 hands to control everything.
One common way is to mount a pair of blocks on either end of the center thwart. The line is run from the tiller yoke, through the blocks and back to the other side of the yoke. You steer by pushing/pulling on the rope, and it is easily grabbed on either side of the canoe.

Anyone with an interest in canoe sailing should get a copy of "Canoe Rig" by our own Todd Bradshaw. This and several other steering control methods are shown.
The most temporary rudder is a paddle as shown in the first image below. The next few pictures show a traditional Old Town sailing canoe rig with the rudder loop as Dan described previously. This does require two gudgeons to be permanently mounted on the stem as shown in the background of the last picture. I mounted the rudder pulleys on the leeboard bracket so they would not be in the way when the canoe was not being used for sailing. The halyard and sheet also tie off to this bracket for easy access. Some cleats there might be an improvement but I haven't gotten around to that yet. A small string is used to secure the pin holding the top of the rudder on as shown in the fourth image. The last picture shows a more sophisticated rudder system from a fiberglass Old Town Wahoo model sailing canoe from the ceiling of my garage. Feel free to reply here if this doesn't answer your question or if anyone else has any other ideas.



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Interesting side mount rudder

It looks almost like the clamp on motor mount I have for my old Neptune Mity-Mite.

I noticed the rudder "kicks up" from the photos Todd.

What holds the rudder down against the water pressure under sail? I didn't see any weight molded into it, like the centerboard on my old Catboat. Is there a spring tension or some other system to keep it down under way?
The text on the page indicates that "The rudder naturally floats in the up position. A line attached to the rudder plate and running forward to the cockpit pulls the rudder down to the running position." This is shown in some of the later pictures.

Wetweasel said:
It kind of looked like one of those deals where you would need 3 hands to control everything.

The article at about the International Canoe World Championships has a picture of a sailing canoe at that looks like it would take more than three hands to control, even with all of the jam cleats.