how many?

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Well, I was actually wondering how many wood canoes were built in 1964 when mine was, compaired to fiberglass/plastic. When did the aluminum/plastic surge take over the numbers.
Virtually all of the fiberglass and other plastic canoes from Old Town were built after 1964 since these did not appear in their catalogs until 1965. Grumman started building aluminum canoes in the late 1940s. Their production surge came in the 1950s and 1960s but Old Town never offered a metal canoe.

The "Half Built" dates on the records are useful for this sort of analysis since they indicate when a wooden canoe came off the form. The first canoe that was "Half Built" in 1964 was serial number 173622 and the last one was 174454 so this implies that 833 serial numbers were issued that year. About ten percent of these were wooden boats and a few were fiberglass prototypes but most of them were wooden canoes. You can safely say that your wooden canoe is one of about 750 that Old Town made that year. The Old Town records are available from the WCHA store if you want to research a more exact number. The real surge for Old Town's plastic canoes came in the 1970s and 1980s with the ABS ones.

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