How many Canoe Tacks


Wood Girl #1186
How many 11/16" brass planing tacks does it take to replank an entire 16' Otca? Already used one pound and still running out..... Already re-straightened over 150 used, old copper tacks from the planking tear off. I had read 1/2 pound was more than enough, Ha! Whats the truth? Splinter
Been a while since I built a new canoe (danged house is still in the way!) but as I recall, you should expect to use about 3 pounds of tacks for a typical canoe.

If you are re-using old copper tacks, it would be a good idea to anneal them as copper work-hardens as they are clinched, straightened, and reclinched. Just stick them in a tuna can and heat them until they glow reddish.

Great info. I was wondering if they needed to be annealed again. Will do right after I file new points on them. Splinter