fred capenos

Canoe Pilot
What effect does "hogging" have on a canoe? I know that it's undesirable, and I paddled one that was hogged one time, and worked our butts off trying to keep up with the other canoe. How does it effect the dynamics of what goes on under the water? I understand aerodynamics and what happens when a wing stalls, so I'm guessing it has something to do with pressure areas
As I understand it, hogback disturbs the hydrodynamics by increasing turbulence under the canoe. Instead of the water being smoothly displaced, it swirls around starting at the bow end of the defect and then when it hits the stern end it's like a wall.

I figured since it has been a couple days with no response, I'd take a shot. Maybe ask in the design/construction forum at myccr.com? Builders & hardcore design nuts currently discussing hydrodynamics/statics & designs. For sure they've run the software on this problem.
I also believe that by driving the bow a little deeper (due to the hogging) it's more difficult to paddle in a straight line. I may be wrong (won't be the first:rolleyes: )

Thanks guys for the response. We are re-doing a Shell Lake and now would be the time to try pushing the bottom out a bit. Which brings up another question! What is considered the proper way to store a canoe when using saw horses? Am I wrong if I store it right side up on horses, with old lawn furniture cushions under the boat?

Thanks Again, Fred