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Curious about Wooden Canoes
My name is Andrew Ford and I live in Nova Scotia,Canada and I recently acquired an old Chestnut.For all intents and purposes,I was brought up in a canoe but the wood/canvas types are new to me.Some questions on construction/terminology will begin appearing shortly.Thanks for your patience in advance :)

The best place to start is "The Wood And Canvas Canoe," by Jerry Stelmok & Rollin Thurlow: http://store.wcha.org/product.php?productid=17536&cat=75&page=1

Another good one is "Building the Maine Guide Canoe": http://store.wcha.org/product.php?productid=17532&cat=75&page=1

There's also a volume on Chestnut Canoes: http://store.wcha.org/product.php?productid=17543&cat=75&page=3

Besides being good reads & packed with solid information, they're all available here at the WCHA store, maybe at your library, or check Amazon.com, or Ebay.

Don't hesitate to post questions, and pictures, too... we like pictures of canoes in any condition, and in various stages of restoration...
Thanks Paul.I'm currently trying to get my stupid computer to let me do an order :(