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Hi everyone I am in the middle of restoring an old peterborough and need to replace a couple ribs.Being out west I can't find any eastern white cedar,but I have a buddy who is went out to montreal yesterday and was going to pick some up but has had no luck finding any.Is there anybody in montreal that might be able point him in the right direction tonight or tomorrow(sat,sun) his name is alex and his phone number is (403)700-1808 thanks in advance
Hi Mike,
My wife and I will be moving to Rocky Mountain House in the new year. I will be moving my business there as well. As I only work with yellow cedar, I would be more than happy to drop you off some material if you dont get any eastern white material.

I will be travelling there after christmas as my wife begins her new position beginning of january. If you email what you need (raw materila or blanks) we can work out a plan.
That would be great to have a supplier/slash builder out here,it's pretty tough to find boatbuilding stuff out here in the praries
Mike: Is your friend coming back by way of Minnesota? If so he could contact Stewart River Boatworks (Alex Comb) to see if he could pick up some material from him. Alex's business is just a few miles north of Duluth along Lake Superior. You can find Alex's businss in the WCHA Directory.

I live just to the south of you (Great Falls, MT area) and have the same problem getting rib material. I've ordered and had it shipped and this past year on a trip east I stopped at Alex's and brought back enough material for one complete canoe.

Glad to see Larry Bowers is going to be closer. I've wanted to try some of the yellow cedar but paying any tariff for the material from Canada hasn't been economical. Did have a small amount a couple of years ago and I liked the way it bent - pretty solid material.