Help with ID of canvas sailing kayak??


Curious about Wooden Canoes
This boat has little wood content, & so hope that it is okay to post this here, but am also hoping someone may be able to help us ID my nephew's latest find or let us know where else to look:

It is a 13' 9" canvas boat w/aluminum ribs, 32" wide, & has L-7 stamped below front coaming around cockpit. Mast is 92", outrigger board is 8' long, each outrigger is 46" x 6" x 11" deep.

Thanks in advance, you folks & your expertise are truly amazing!


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Spot on!

Thanks so much for the 18 minute response- you are astounding. A bit of online research by name did provide a picture & some old advertisements that reinforce that it is a Mead Glider. Will contact Ralph Frese for addtnl info.
Thx again!