help to id and date an 18' chestnut canoe I picked up on bulk gabage day


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I have an 18 ' , 36 " beam, 14-1/2 deep, ribs 3 " with 1/2 " spacing , all wood is good, no rot and nothing missing , nails appear to be copper ? Someone was throwing it in the landfill . Any help on age and model would be a great help, as I want to restore it,


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nothing like high quality trash to help elevate a neighborhood's image :D

very nice find and a good eye
You are one lucky bugger , let me know if you're going to put it out by the curb .

You've got an 18' Ogilvy , the older sticker suggests 50's vintage .
Thanks for the help everyone, I'll have to do some research on here now and put this baby back in top shape, I have been in many chestnut canoes over the years but never knew much about the model names etc ,sadly I just took them for granted while growing up on the miramichi . Please forgive me folks.
Nothing to forgive. No one is born with knowledge and everyone on this forum is happy to share. Many times we learn in the sharing. You have a very nice canoe to start wwith. I am sure it will end up beautiful. Hope to paddle with you someday. Cheers
Great find....and great you are going to is a nice looking Ogilvy....look forward to seeing more in future....maybe I should start checking out the local dump more....
OMG, someone was throwing that out? Mind you, I have a friend who found a Gibson accoustic guitar in a dumpster.
Agreed, very nice canoe.

I also need to find a new/different dump. :)

I've even been known to actually paid $$ for canoes a lot worse than that one.