Help!! Glue on cane

chris pearson

Michigan Canoe Nut
I pushed in pre woven cane into a "sloppy" seat groove on my OT. Long story short I forced some extra glue in to take up some slop(dont say it, hack move I already know that). I thought I wiped all the glue off with a wet rag but it dried around the perimeter just inside of the spline. Does ANYTHING take off the wood glue so I can varnish it? Any other options without it looking like crap? They are mahogany seats.:(:mad:
Call or email the manufacturer for the chemical composition and see if you can find a solvent or chemical that will weaken or remove it. Maybe tell them you glued yourself to yourself and see what they recommend; if they dont believe you tell them to ask us:D:eek::D
What flavor is the glue? If it's the Tightbond, Elmer's Carpenter etc. type of wood glue, you can heat and scrape, steam and scrape or soak and scrape it (some folks also lay a cloth wet-down with vinegar on the area for a while and then scrape). Unfortunately, even the manufacturers say that this probably won't wash it out of the pores, it will just soften it to make for easier scraping. Got any dental picks?
Chris, Put your a-- in the seat and Paddle it. You will never see it. You could also cover the cane with glue and then wipe it clean then you would have a uniform finish.

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Hi Chris,
If you are concerned about the glue on the mahogany, sand it as close to the cane as practical, take a brown magic marker and color the glue in the grain. sand again lightly and varnish. As Rob said, you'll never see it when you're paddling. After all, " it's a canoe, not a piano"---Dan Miller, I think. Besides, it's not even a model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gil
I know I'm sorry, its hard to get out of "modelmakers mode". You wouldnt believe how close the designers look at our work in my real job. Its very hard to shift gears when working on the real canoes, and it drives me crazy!!!!:rolleyes:No Gil,its just in the cane, not the mahogany.

If it is really bothering you, you "could" replace the cain, pre-woven cain is not expensive and it doesn't take long to install. In fact it might take less time to replace the cain then pick out the glue from it.

Of course I would just sit on it and use it, but that's me.