Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to introduce myself because I'm sure I will be back often. I just acquired two Old Towns that I am going to be restoring with my friend.

I've been canoeing all my life, primarily wilderness tripping and whitewater, but I've always wanted to get into wood & canvas boats. I'm really excited to jump in.

Thanks for this great resource!


Welcome to the WCHA and the forums. You will find a great group of people here, some of whom are experts, and all of whom are willing to share what they know, usually hard-won knowledge based in hands-on experience.

But remember, everyone here loves pictures -- which are always useful when you have a question, but beyond that, which are always a delight to the eye.

HELLO "T": ..I originally grew up in TROY , New York & many times Lake George region in summer. . Moved away now, but still in North East after the summer ASSEMBLY a few weeks ago .

. YES, I would also like to hear or see pics of the models you acquired. Lots of other outboard & engine activity in your region this summer . What city / town are you close to .??

Again , WELCOME.
Thanks all!

Split, I live in the Binghamton area, but I've also lived all over the Northeast and have spent a ton of time in the Adirondacks.

I'll post the serial numbers over in the other forum, and I will post pictures when I get back to my friend's house this weekend, as he is storing the boats while we restore them. There will be plenty of pictures throughout the process, because the boats' previous owner asked only that we document the recovery process when he gave them to us.