Hello, I'm a new owner


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Hello, I am a new owner of a wood-canvas canoe, my first canoe. I bought the Trailcraft on Ebay last week. Just picked it up. Learning about it and been out once to try it out. I belong to various groups and I'm guessing I'll join, if just to see the Annual Meeting once. I am a logger/tree farmer/old wood collecter and preserver of old wood frame buildings. Wood canoes seems right up my alley and my daughter works at an outfitters so I figured I'd learn canoes before I embarass myself on the water.
Regards, Tim
Welcome, sounds like you'll fit right in. I know others that are into timberframe buildings etc. I restore log buildings and am getting into canoe restoration after decades of wanting to. So again WELCOME! Don't be afraid to ask questions here -lots of good folks that are more than willing to help if they can.
Peace, Denis
Welcome, Tim. Pull up a chair and open a bubbly beverage of choice. Good group of folks here, you will learn a bit, have some fun and maybe even contribute some of your particular expertise. In addition to our common interest, wooden canoes, we have all sorts of woodworkers, wood experts, antique collectors, timber framers and the occasional screwball!

Give us an idea of your location and you should be able to find folks in your part of the worls through this forum. We have many active chapters and pleanty of individual members willing to share their knowledge.
Hi, Tim. By getting a Trailcraft and joining the WCHA, you have positioned yourself to become our resident expert on these canoes, being one of only a very few (perhaps 2) members to actually own one at present.

Some 40 years ago a built one (my first canoe), and taught myself a bit abut canoeing with it. I had a lot of fun building it and paddling it, and while I have mixed memories of the boat (as you will see if you do a search on "Trailcraft"), the negative part of the memories are probably mostly the poor craftsman blaming his tools for his own ineptitude -- as a beginning paddler I embarrassed myself a number of times, like when I and my partner tipped the Trailcraft over and swamped it, loaded with food and gear for a few days camping, only 10 feet from the shore of a dead calm Lake Kejimkujik in Nova Scotia. What else to do while drying out except cuss and blame the canoe?

So welcome -- don't worry about embarrassing yourself on the water, and have fun with your Trailcraft.