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Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi !

Etienne-Henri, I am French living in the Loire Valley and a long time paddler on all wood canoes - French built ones that is. I am an Architect specialized in Heritage Buildings conservation, and a amateur gardener, carpenter, oboist, etc. etc. Married to a lovely and much forgiving wife, with three young restless children.

Now quite a few years I have been visiting your forum, which was a great source of information and inspiration. With some restoration needed on two of my boats I thought I should join : I would probably need some advice.

(which means Steven-Henry)

Greg Nolan

Bienvenue Etienne-Henri -- welcome to the WCHA. Since you've been visiting the forums, you have seen that we are a friendly bunch, willing to help with advice.

We have a few members on your side of the pond -- if you get a chance, come on over to our annual summer assembly.

And we would love to see some photos of your French-build all-wood canoes. We like pictures even of run-of-the mill canoes, but really love pictures of exotic canoes -- and a French all-wood canoe certainly qualifies as exotic for most of us.

Again, bienvenue.


President, WCHA


Curious about Wooden Canoes
Hi Greg,
Thank you for those kind words. Yes a few French enthusiast already joined your group.
Regarding photos, I am at work at the moment, and I anyway do not have many digital pictures of my canoes - I still mainly use film ...
So just a few found in my computer :
First a few typical French all-wood canoes pictured just in front of my house during a meeting organized by a local group of enthusiasts. The second canoe from the left might not be French - rather more a Peterborough which were imported from the early 1910's to the late 1950's - as far as I know. More pictures from this group here : http://voile-canotage-anjou.over-blog.com/album-1465881.html


And a picture of my only canvas canoe, built near Paris in the late fifties, and intended for white water with much rocker :


Some period pictures of canoeists in France :



Very best regards,