Has anyone here seen "Tootsie"?

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(The following is based on real info gleaned from Old Town Canoe Co. build records. To me, it seemed to make for a neat, hopefully humorous, story to pass a summer’s day. After skimming through thousands of pages of 16’ OTCA’s and 17’ HW’s, to say nothing of several hundred dinghies, every once in a while something jumps off the pages that suggests –“hey, that’s really neat; I think I’d like to meet her”. Here is one of those stories I found interesting; I hope you do too.)

I’ve never met “Tootsie”. In fact, I’ve only ever just read about her. She’s getting on a bit now, but I bet she’s led an interesting life. Originally blue-gray in color, she would qualify for the ‘blue rinse’ crowd now. You see, “Tootsie” was born in the summer of 1907. At just 12’, she wasn’t the ‘long and slender type’ but, boy, was she ever ‘well equipped’! First class ‘AA’ goods in an ‘HW’ package. Long mahogany decks, double mahogany gunnels and mahogany rails. Even had 3” mahogany decking around her cockpit and 1” combing. No thwarts, no bow seat; seems this lady was destined for an ‘active’ life. She sported a floor rack and two flag poles with sockets. Even boasted two small copper air tanks. Weighed 69-1/2 lbs. Now, that’s one well-turned-out lady in my opinion. Her owner, a gentleman from Baltimore, was obviously very proud; he directed that her name be emblazoned on both sides of her bow.

“Tootsie”, I’m not even sure you’re still amongst us. If so, you’d certainly be one swell old gal to meet. I found your birth certificate at # 6996 in the Old Town records. Maybe there’s a friend or two out there who can tell us more of your life story?
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