Happy Birthday

Thanks Macky....much appreciated....although I stopped counting years ago....

This morning it was snowing here in Fort Severn....definitely a day to stay warm....had three (or was that four) cups of coffee....started off day with hot oatmeal....

In the words of the great canoeing philosophers:

On age: “For an old man, a canoe is ideal; he need only sit and move his arms.” – E.B.White

Life is a journey, not the destination. – Unknown

….the canoe is not a lifeless, inanimate object; it feels very much alive, alive with the life of the river. – Bill Mason, Path of the Paddle

There is nothing that is so aesthetically pleasing and yet so functional and versatile as the canoe. – Bill Mason

The hardest thing to build was the canoe. The man who could make a canoe was very happy because the people depended on it so much — John Kawapit