half torpedo?

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
I've looked at this for some time before posting, anticipating everyone will tell me to get to an optometrist but i still think this canoe has only one torpedo end on it. What do y'all think?


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Nothing wrong with your eyes, Andre... interesting canoe. Reminds me of a picture from the Maine Historical Society on-line archives, of another (much sadder) half-torpedo.



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Hey Andre;
Is it possible that people cut canoes to make book shelves,
and this pic is of someone who had saved two ends ? Ha Ha !!!
O K bad joke !!!
later Dave
Beach Launch


I have launched more than one intact wood and canvas canoe from that very spot shown in your photo. The railway is not there now, but the beach is very nice. The view of the White Mountains from there is outstanding.

I believe the photo is of a former boys camp at Lower Kimball Pond, near Fryeburg, Maine.
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Kathy, that looks like a photo they use for those contests where you get to put a caption to a bizarre photo. Cant imagine what the cox is saying:confused:...
Bet the remains made a heck of a bonfire later that day!
Poor canoe! These days, we'd fix 'er up. Looks like maybe a Kennebec torpedo?

Anyway, Fitz knows the spot! This is the text that went with the photo, which can be found on "Maine Historic Images" at http://www.vintagemaineimages.com/bin/Search?Keywords=canoe&submit_keywords=Search&nostem=on

"Camp Ettowah counselors, from left, Perry O'Dell, Bob "Benny" Mattoon and Carl Stevens at far right, along with four unidentified counselors, pose in a damaged canoe. A tree fell on the canoe. Before disposing of it, the counselors set up the "launching" of the canoe using old railroad tracks with which the camp hauled docks out of the water. Camp Ettowah is on Lower Kimball Pond in Fryeburg."