gunwhale stock wanted


I am looking for a source for gunwale/ Keel stock, needs to be at least 16 1/2 ft long. 6/4 or 8/4 stock, width not crucial, 6-8'' preferred. air dry ok. Thanks.
What wood are you looking for?
This length is pretty easy to find in cherry, ash, maple, walnut,...
Well, at least up here in Canada.

I don't mean to hijack your thread, but title fits perfectly with the related challenge I was about to post ie. where to find 17ft quarter sawn oak for a circa 1900 Canadian Canoe Company vertical rib canoe. I will need white oak for outwales and keel, wide (single piece) butternut for decks. The original (?) maple seats are salvageable. The oak thwart is fine, and I already have thin stock (also oak) to replace the coaming.

Armstrong Millworks, On M-59 East of I-75 and west of Pontiac. Good people and some long Honduran Mahog.

Did you try Bob Nelson in Lapeer?
Thanks for the replies.
I called Johnson, all they have right now is rift sawn chine stock...which is great but it really is more than I need and wow$$$ A 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 X 17ft is like $230.00.
I called Nelson and Bob called me back and doesn't have any right now but will be cutting some soon 2-3 weeks, and the prices aren't near as bad but I was hoping to find something partially air dried cut already.
I also will need some copper nails to repair some areas in the planking/stem, any ideas who might have them readily available.

I might have a source to look at in CA but don't know about bringing the stock back over the border??? Anybody have experience with this?

I am still weighing out weather to canvas, glass, or dacron the hull.....

I will give Armstrong a call... Many thanks to all Randy