Gunderson Canoe Mfg. Co.


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While doing research on Dunphy Boat Company of Eau Claire, WI and later Oshkosh, WI (they claim to have strated in 1854!) I came across an interesting tidbit.

In the Eau Claire Leader newspaper of 24 April 1921, it mentioned that the new Gunderson Canoe Manufacturing Co. plant at 717 Water Street, Eau Claire, was in full operaiton. They were selling both wholesale and retail.

The firm was a partnership of L.O. Gunderson and Merrill Lymburner.

Lymburner later moved to Hayward, WI and operated Lymburner Boat until the firm was destroyed by fire in 1938. Several other boat firms sprang out of Lymburner including Sipe Boat, Northern Wisconsin Boat Co., and Hayward Boat Co. I assume they all made strip built boats and maybe canvas/wood canoes.

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I subscribed to on a trial one month basis. Did searches for "Gunderson canoe" and came up with some of their paid display ads in the Eau Claire newspaper 1921 to 1923.

In August 1922 Schlafer Hdw. Co. of Appleton, Wisconsin was advertising the sale of Old Town and Gunderson Canoes.