Greetings from the Adirondack Mountains of NY

John Maderic

Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
Im a new member living in the Adirondack Park. A couple of months ago, I purchased an unfinished cedar strip canoe from a couple , and also had the opportunity to get my start on an education of Old Town Canoes and rebuilding and finishing. As a finish carpenter and outdoorsman, its like everything included in one theme, wood and wood/ canvas canoes. I hope to not only drive yours crazy with questions, etc, but to be able to give back to this group in return. Thank yours for enabling me to become part of this 'family'. John Maderic


Unrepentant Canoeist
Welcome to the WCHA! You'll find no shortage of knowledgeable members & good answers to your questions -- we all learn from each other. Some of us have more to learn than others, but we all help out when we can.

Being in the 'Dacks, you're not terribly far from our Annual Assembly, at Paul Smith's College. There will be great presentations, great events, and a whole lot of wooden canoes to enjoy. Search the forum here for it...