Greetings from Silver Spring, Maryland


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image.jpgimage.jpgI have resolved to overcome the guilt of having such a nice canoe and not enjoying it enough by getting out on the water more often. Fifteen years ago when my wife and I moved out here I resolved that I needed a canoe, but somehow determined it would be wrong to go out on the water in a boat of synthetic construction. I ended up having Tom Tompkins build for me a Cheemaun, which Tom and his wife delivered back in 2003, I believe. At any rate, I paddled some, but not a great deal, as home improvements and other hobbies intervened. I made it out both days last weekend though, and it was amazing. My only defense for paddling so little is that due to lack of garage, the boat must be stored in my basement and requires the aid of another person to remove--which creates an obligation to invite that person to go along...which tends to spoil the silence and handling of the canoe just a bit.

So anyway, my best to you all. I finally joined the organization--which Tom advocated ten years ago. There is a certain "rightness" of being on the water in a wooden canoe that I have rarely felt during other pursuits, and I plan to become more in touch with that feeling.

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