Fitz's new ultimate behemoth

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
Sponsons, wicked copper stem protectors and almost certainly heavier than an 18' prospector! If you love big barges, you've gotta get this one!:D
Evil Bay id# 180293287260
And then there's the happy contented look you only get from your spouse when you're caught bringing another one home...


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No, Andre. Steve Lapey and I were corresponding about that one. Steve is a huge fan of Sponsons;) :p , so I thought it would make a good project for him.

I will let this one go to the highest bidder - no problem.

I did think it was an interesting canoe. I would appreciate other people's thoughts on it. I was thinking it was an early White attempt at a sponson canoe, but who knows.

Andre if you fall in love with it I could fetch it for you, but you may need to fuel the TRUCK needed to carry it.
The seller has quoted the North Woods Canoe Company as the source of their information about this canoe. They have seen many more White canoes than me and I have not inspected this canoe in person. However, the date may be a bit optimistic based on the sponson canoes shown in the White catalogs on the CDs. The steam bent, "D" shaped rear seat appears in all of their sponson canoes pictured before 1916. This canoe has the square stern seat that appears on all sponson canoes after 1918. The style of sponsons changed in the 1921 catalog and this canoe has the older style.

Bob Bassett who runs the Northeast Chapter of the WCHA has a similar one that he might sell if anyone is not successful in bidding on this one. I will not be bidding on either one. The eBay canoe and Bob's house are both about an hour and a half from here so let me know if the winner wants to visit on the trip back from collecting it. Good luck,

Here's a behemoth for fitz.

This is one ginormous canoe. Said to be a replica of The Ark. As I understand it the Ark was built by an amateur.


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Man, this reputation is starting to stick. Believe me, 18 feet is about the maximum for me.

When you start talking 300 Cubits you are looking for someone else.

Don't show my tripping bud this post. He likes to take plenty of gear. The next thing you know, he will have Moose lining up in pairs.:eek: