Enys Canoe....At Canadian Canoe Museum....Great Article By Henri Vallincourt


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As I posted on my blog....and as reported on Murat V's fine blog too:

One of the world's oldest birchbark canoe found in England is now back here at its new home at the Canadian Canoe Museum (CCM). After being on display for a year in Europe, the canoe will be part of the CCM's permanent collection. The new arrival is going to be unveiled on August 29th (4pm) in "a welcoming-back-to-Canada event".

The canoe has gotten some publicity recently. Here's the link to an article in the Winnipeg Free Press, http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/canada/relic-canoe-from-18th-century-a-stunning-find-166628816.html. For a much more detailed report, check out the article in Wooden Boat Magazine (Sept/Oct 2011), http://www.woodenboat-digital.com/woodenboat/20110910?pg=86#pg84, written by legendary bark canoe builder, Henri Vaillancourt. His article includes some wonderful photos and description of some of the unique build features of this particular canoe.



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