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Does anyone have photographs or other depictions of an English 20 under sail? The mast thwart on my canoe is located very far forward and that presents problems designing a modern-day replacement rig. The mast, leeboards, etc. shown below were lost several years ago.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :D


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I have a photo in a book of an English 21 under sail. The book also contains a dimensioned drawing of a modified lateen rig for Model 16. This appears to be the same rig that Dick Persson built. I think your mast thwart location will work out well.

I will try to e-mail you directly with more information.

Best of luck with your project,

Jim Kirk
The photo Jim refers to is in John Gardner's book "More Building Classic Small Craft". It shows a lateen sail well forward and a leg-o-mutton sail stepped aft.

For more photos of canoes rigged similar to yours, see http://www.dragonflycanoe.com/aca1935/index.html and especially page 10.

Most any sail typically used in a canoe (lateen, gunter, etc.) will probably work fine - you'll just need to locate the leeboards to balance the rig. I have an old sail rig made by J.J Turner of Peterborough that presumably could have come with any of the canoes made in Ontario (it happened to come with a Morris). It is a gunter rig.

By the way, those leeboards and bracket in the photo were made by Old Town. But you probably already knew that...
Attached is another image from a photo in my collection. It also appeared on the cover of Wooden Canoe Issue 124. According to a follow up letter by Larry Zuk, the canoe is an English 16.


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