Ecofill: with or without UV protection?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I've been looking at the Ecofill fillers from Stewart Systems that quite a few folks have had good luck with. I noticed on the Stewart website, they offer Ecofill with UV protection (carbon?) and another version that is white without the UV filter. It seems that in a w/c canoe application the filler is isolated from any UV damage by the paint--Any advantages or disadvantages in choosing/using Ecofill without UV filter? The cost looks to be the same.

are you also using the Stewarts topcoat or a different paint? In Stewart's and most other aviation topcoats the topcoat has no UV protection whatsoever which is why the UV protection goes in underneath the paint. On my glider recover last winter I did a few coats of the Gray ekofill and then did the final coat of the white non-uv ekofill. I thought it would work better since I was doing a light color topcoat (Daytona White). Turns out it just made it damn hard to see where I had sprayed the topcoat on! The color would've turned out a bit darker, and it probably would've taken more paint, if I would've used the gray ekofill all the way.