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Build Record

Seller didn't post the build record, so here it is. Record appears to fit. Looks like the canoe has outside stems too, which aren't on the record... all tricked-out.


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I see it also has sponsons, which it seems he defined as outside rails. Now, help me here--what is an outside stem? I looked at the photo but couldn't make the distinction.
You know what the stem is on the inside of the bow & stern? It's the same thing, only it's on the outside of the boat. There's still an inside stem, it just has an outer one as well. They're nice if you tend to run into rocks a lot (think bumper guards), or if you like the boat to go very straight.
The outside stems aren't actually on the canoe, but are part of what's in a pile on the floor of the canoe in the second picture down on the left-- those curved wooden thingies.

The sponsons are listed on the build record... when there's a date stamped after something, that means it was added to the hull. You'll see there's no date beside "outside stems", yet those sure look like OSS to me on the floor of the canoe.

Rub rails possibly to the right of canoe in the bottom right picture. Sponsons there too. I don't see a little carry-thwart, which was sometimes put on OT sponson canoes and doesn't always appear on the build record.
Thank you, Kathryn! I hope the owner replies and allows me to post those photos. With everyone's permission, I'd like to include your comments thus far as well.
Outside Stems

Denis high-tailed-it to the barn with a camera, and came back with this picture, showing two pre-1910 BN Morris canoes. The upper canoe has no outside stems, the lower one does (that strip of hardwood around the end, which connects to the keel).

Outside stems define the ends of the canoe--- it looks really nice, when the canoe has a great paint-job and the outside stem sports the same finish as the inside of the canoe.

While outside stems tend to "class up" a canoe (with most manufacturers, they were an extra charge), they're practical as well... strengthening the part of the canoe likely to nail the dock. So, it isn't just the fancy canoes that had OSS added to them... it's often the livery canoes and camp canoes too.

Forgot to mention that the sponsons are in the eBay listing on the right-hand side, second picture down. The rub rail probably went on the outside edge of the sponson... another attractive touch, with the natually-finished wood matching the canoe's interior. I know a lot of folks find it a pain to restore a sponson canoe as a sponson canoe, but they sure can look pretty.

It seems a bit unusual to have a floor rack in addition to half-ribs... yet both are on the build record, so that's original. Looks like an Old Town backrest too.

I'll attach design #45 so that we can imagine how it might appear on a sponson canoe. Anyone have pictures of a two-tone canoe with a stripe of some kind, and how that might play-out with sponsons? I'd imagine the dark color below the sponsons and maybe on the underside of the sponsons... and the lighter color above, on the top of the sponsons and upper part of the canoe... and the stripe on the canoe, above the sponsons... with the oak leaves trailing down.

Someone should buy this canoe and get it all ship-shape in time to show it off at Assembly this year!



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Heres a HW with sponsons and two tone paint we did a while back. The canoe on ebay will weigh a ton with half ribs, a floor rack plus a sailrig rig and back rest. And outside stems will make a full length keel mandatory. Makes me want one. Fred


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Beautiful canoe, Fred. Seems design #45 would probably have the stripe beneath the sponsons.

Yeah, the eBay canoe wouldn't be one to portage into the Boundary Waters. I see yours has the little carry-thwart, which comes in handy.
Hi Kathy et al:

I've been following the chat on this thread; in particular, about the features such as rub rails, look of design #45, etc. It just so happens that I bought a 1949 OT "HW", AA grade, 18' sponsoned sailing canoe several years ago - #152749, which makes it close in age to the one presently on eBay, but about 4 years older. Mine has many of the same features -half ribs, floor racks, design 45, rub rails, bang plate full length of keel, small carry thwart at one end, but no OSS. It was re-painted some years ago, but followed the original. Thought it might be of interest for you to see the photos of it at its previous home in California, which is where I had to get it back from after getting enthused to buy it. Yes, they are damned heavy, but quite nice to paddle. Haven't sailed it yet; need to do a few minor cosmetic fixes and likely get a new sail.


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The Natalie Mae

Very pretty, Roger. I love seeing how the two-tone paintjob works-- interesting the way it's carried-over to the rudder and leeboards.

There's something quite thrilling about a sailing craft... this year's Assembly should be a real treat.

"I must go down to the seas again,
to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship
and a star to steer her by..."