ebay canoe id.

The seller has added a few more pictures since first listing this canoe... it never ceases to amaze me that some eBay sellers don't include the views I'd like to see, even after they've added more shots. I want a nice profile shot and a good look at the deck and then the interior...

Anyway, I (who can perhaps identify an Old Town, a Kennebec and a Morris with a fair degree of accuracy) am thinking this canoe is Canadian. If you go to the wood canoe identification guide on the Dragonfly site, click on Canadian builders on that left hand side and see if anything is close. This little canoe appears to have nice lines, and if it's nearby, you may want to check it out. A smaller boat such as this one can be really sweet.

Almost certainly Canadian, probably from one of the "Huron" group of builders in Quebec.