Delaware Valley Chapter-May Trip

Jim Wilson

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This Saturday, May 6th, we will be doing what has become an annual event. Our spring trip up Lake Lenape into the Great Egg Harbor River in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Once again, Richard Greene will be leading the trip. It's a very pretty spot for a paddle often featuring a good view of a pair of nesting eagles.

We will paddle up the lake and into the river where Richard has a prime spot for lunch. After goofing off for a bit, we will return by the same route. No shuttle!

We will be meeting at the the Mays Landing Ranger Station on Lake Lenape at 10AM. If you are interested in joining us, (the more the merrier!) please contact Richard. (484-840-1760 or All are welcome!
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Well, this month's weather was a vast improvement over April's. Instead of cold and rainy, it was warm and sunny. Lot's of sunscreen was used!

We had 6 boats and 10 paddlers for the day. We all met at the put in on Lake Lenape in Mays Landing, got the boats in the water, loaded up the day's gear and headed up towards the Great Egg Harbor River. This is a very pretty Pine Barrens stream, and the light current allowed for easy upstream paddling.

The turtles were out in force to take advantage on the sun, and some of them were huge! The eagles are nexting again this year, and we gave them a wide berth as we passed the nest. Dad was up on lookout in the tree next to the nest.

Continuing up the river we paddled on to our lunch spot where we pulled the boats out and enjoyed our midday meal with just us and the ants....oh, and a tick or two. Gotta love those guys!

Back in the boats and the return trip by the same route. Pass the eagles again, and Al Bratton hung back to take some more photos. (Gotta play with the new camera.) He was rewarded for his persistence with a quick view of a little head popping up out of the nest.

When we entered the lake again, we were treated to a nice surpise. Each time we paddle this route, we have a stiff headwind on the lake for the return. Today, we had a good tailwind, and we almost surfed our way back A great finish to a great day!

As an aside......there was one minor incident involving a canoe showing it's bottom to the sun. Names will not be named, but we know who you are!
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