Dayton, Tenn newbie, retired Half-Back


HELLO GANG: Discovered this nice informative site a few days ago. Originally from Troy , NY and 25 years in Poughkeepsie. Many years around New England with the Antique OUtboard club and ACBS with a Chris Craft runabout.
. 12 years in Florida to ride motorcycles on the east coast & get son in the marine industry with OMC. Recent activity with the Fla Glasspar club & Mt Dora shows.
.. Last 3 years just north of Chattanooga off the main channel of the Tenn river. Sold the plastic tandem O.T. kayak & solo canoe last summer after a back injury, but had found a few 16' classic rowboats for my tillers to fish.
..Our son lives in central Maine & has a small engine shop, also antique outboards. Last fall his neighbor offered us a quite old green maybe 16' canoe in excellent cond called a "WRIGHT' ? . Going thru the model kit thread it also looks very close to a Indian Girl ? Did not know canoes had serial #'s on both bottoms. I have a outside pic to retry tomorrow , as last attachment / submission killed the pc with lock - up .!
... My good friend in Knoxville runs the antique show every May & Oct . Hope to meet other collectors.
Picture post .? Indian Girl .?

Will try load only pic from last fall. Going thru other threads it could quite match a "Indian Girl " style.? My daughter in law should go back to neighbors tonight. . Remember it was quite solid cond . Take it right to lake.!
A close-up of the deck would be important... enlarging the picture-- at least from my perspective-- shows a deck that might be the EM White deck that comes to a point in the middle, like a reverse heart. Here's a previous post with a view of the deck I'm thinking of... but, like other canoe companies, White had more than one deck style. The canoe in this post has a D-shaped rear seat, which was changed in the late 19-teens. So, pictures can sometimes help to date the canoe as well as say who built it.

I'm not saying you may not have a Rushton Indian Girl... just following up on the possibility that it might be an EM White because you were told it was a "Wright".

It's always a great find when you can put an old canoe right into the water and paddle-away.