CT Old Town Owners!!


Are there any Connecticut members who own an Old Town cedar and canvas H.W. model and would permit me to visit and take a few pictures and measurements. I'm restoring a 1914 Old Town HW that was smashed by a tree in a wind storm and I could really use an intact model to use as a reference for correct hull form (especially with regard to rocker and shear). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi-not from CT but go there alot-also I have an Old Town 18' HW wood (mahoney) canvas that I am Restoring-the unit is in great shape except f/canvas and a couple minor repairs-it was made in Feb 1940-perhaps some pictures might help-u can e-mail me @: snowmanxnh@comcast.net
Martin, I have a 1914 OT HW. Well, I have most of it. Somewhere along the way about a foot of the stern fell off. Mine has sponsons so the sheer may different than yours. It's currently at the Wooden Boat Workshop in Norwalk, 11 Day Street. If you want to drop in there and look at the boat, be my guest. Just mention my name to Peter, the owner, and he'll show you where it is. The shop is open Tuesday thru Saturday 10:00 to 4:00, and open Tuesday and Thursday until 8:00.

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