Craigslist Steal (So Maine)


Enthusiastic about Wooden Canoes
Was cruising the 'net to see what trouble I could get into and stumbled across this;

1917 16' Old Town Canoe - $950

"Wood and Canvas Canoe, Charles River Model, in real nice shape. The boat was restored 10 years ago and has been used little since then. It has always been stored inside. The paddels are included."
Call me if you are interested. 205-4131

There are two pics in the ad and it looks beautiful. I am going to go look at it sometime tomorrow only because I want to see how a couple of fit and finish things come together on a Charles River and just going to take notes and lots of pics.
Just wanted to post as an FYI
Went over to take some pics of some little finish details I wanted to know about for my canoe. Found when I got there the battery was dead However, The owner had restored it greater than ten years ago and it had little use since then due to wife not liking the "tippyness". He is a long time instructor at the well known Landing Boat School here in Maine. In his garage was a wooden dory, wood kayak, and little wood speed boat. The canoe was very well done. It is in great shape and looks very fresh. It is a closed gunwale version. I do have some poor cell phone pics and should try to put some up.