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Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
About 15 years ago, I built a first wood/canvas canoe in a group workshop. Unfortunately, I didn't win the raffle to keep the canoe. The guy who won decided on a black and white "cow" pattern. This was back when the Ontario Milk Marketing Board ads featured that pattern on athletes wearing spandex tights. He drove around with that "cownoe" on his car roof for months hoping the MMB would commission him to do a TV commercial.


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I've never herd such nonsense.
I'd butter just sign off, I heifer splitting headache.
So does this cownoe come equipped with two horns???? And was it's weight heifer-tier with the cow pattern painted on???? I know I'm really milking this for all it's worth....but things do go better with milk....don't they???? Well this was cheesy of me, I guess. What udder nonsense this post is....but hopefully funny too (or is that punny????).
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While we are on the topic of cows and canoes, I recall seeing an image of cows drinking from a canoe that has been converted into a watering trough in the Canadian Canoe Museum slide show for the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association Assembly in Peterborough during July 2008. Can anyone tell me how I might get a copy of that image? Thanks,