Copper Tip

Copper is not made by Gauge it is made by oz. 16 oz is the standard 3' X 8' sheets. Would be afraid to ask how much a sheet cost.

McMaster-Carr sells it by thickness, not oz or guage... a 3'x8' sheet ranges from $261 for 0.021" to to $2116 for 0.187"

Best I can measure, the copper tips on all three of my Rushton paddles are about 0.03". A 3'x8' sheet of 0.032" from McMaster is $385. Luckily, you can order it in smaller pieces!

Aren't you glad you asked?
C raig,

Thanx for the detailed, step by step technique you used. Your jig is just perfect! I'll have to do something similiar. Remember emulation is the highest form of flattery. I have a huge roll of 8" wide copper flashing that will /should work just fine. My first attempt some time ago came out just like your first. I was trying to form/bend the copper over a black locust mold cut in the shape of my paddle tips and got all wrinkles also.

wow Todd, very cool. thanks for that link, I new someone would know what I was talking about. Seeing the level of artistry it can be taken too I have decided to forgo any crude attempt and just let the river gravel do the job.