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I would like to contact Tom concerning Ceconite availability but have no email or phone # for him. Went to members list & sent him a private message but if he is like me, I rarely notice that I have private messages to open and read.
Can anyone provide either email or Phone #, preferably phone #. Have my Chestnut Doe about ready for its' new Ceconite skin. Should be considerably lighter with the Ceconite than the original Verolite canvas.

Thanx, Ed
Tom MacKenzie


Thanx for the speedy reply & info. I was told Tom was from NY and looked for his contact info there, obviously not finding it. I did not notice his state listed when I looked him up in the members list. I had planned to purchase the lightweight/non FAA approved Ceconite from Tom to support a fellow WCHA member rather than other commercial sources. Do you know of any other WCHA member/builders who sell it?? I have other non WCHA sources for Ceconite but would prefer not to get it there unless absolutely necessary.

I do not know of any other WCHA member/builders who sell Ceconite but it may be worth a quick call to Tom. Just don't be surprised if he doesn't respond right away. There may be others here who can reply with another suggestion.

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Please refer to the other thread on this topic. Russ offered to supply material.

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Default Dacron Covering
We have been covering with dacron for the past 18 years with great success. The proper material is an aircraft covering material known as ceconite. We use the 3.7 oz. material and a onding tape (Heatbond Ultrahold) (NO TACKS AT ALL). Finish of with acryli latex high gloss enamel (with a wee bit of polyurethane mixed in).

We would be happy to put a covering kit together for you.

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