Chestnut Paddle

Craig Johnson

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I finished a new paddle. American Chestnut. A real pleasure to work with. Carves easily and straight grained and light. Early american stain and a wipe on finish. Thanks to Andre.


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hubba hubba

I forgot to say I'm down in Florida escaping the nonwinter we are having back in Ohio. A couple of shots around the pool. I've lost a little weight:)


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NICE! second one coming from that blank?
I wish. The question was, with a piece of wood that nice and rare would I rather have one paddle with the grain perfectly aligned on the center of the paddle , or two paddles with the grain pattern running off? Maybe I"m the only one it would bother. I couldn't get a second paddle but I have a nice piece of scrap for other projects. Thanks again. I am getting anxious to see that Mermaid.
The stash has been pilfered heavily but is still intact, if you make the trip i suppose another blank could be prized from the pile. My fear is that if the mermaid stays any longer in climate controlled storage, the daily storage fees will rapidly become unmanageable. 'twould be a shame to have to keep it ;);)
My fear is that if the mermaid stays any longer in climate controlled storage, the daily storage fees will rapidly become unmanageable.

Are you suggesting you have control over El Niño while poor Craig's canoe is laying in your backyard?

Andre Cloutier - the New Mother Nature.

You give me too much credit, oh Denizen of Cape Vincent. Craigs diminuitive project occupies space on the wall inside my carhole and lately is witness to my attempts to resurrect old iron. If i could control the weather the snow we finally got would have been more than an inch, and i would have gotten 2 thumbs up instead of one :rolleyes:


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Oh and in the spirit of massive thread drift, i'm rebuilding an old transverse spring trailer to use for hauling and launching the 16/30 next year. $20 is a small price to pay for the peace of mind L9 hardware provides when bouncing down those Adirondack trails. Time to get back in the saddle (out on the plank?) again. Bring your video camera, i'll lure Fitz out again for our viewing pleasure with the promise of a leisurely sail.....:eek:


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