Chestnut Moonlight

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
Thanks to a masterful restoration by Dick Persson, my daughters new heirloom is back to its former glory. Pre-fire closed gunwale reportedly spawned by Morris in the early days of Chestnut production. Just might have to brave a snowstorm for a paddle before the water gets hard. More shots to follow soon.
As collected condition here:
Just happy John Hupfield agreed to sell it...


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Thanks Dave, thats why we did it. Can't be too many around like it - now get that Gooseberry done!
That is a very pretty canoe....and obviously one with a lot of history....I had heard that the early (very very early) Chestnuts had the closed gunwale based on Morris canoes....can you tell us more about the canoe's history
No paddling today!

Beautiful winter morning in Muskoka, however :cool:


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Is that a Moonlght in the Moonlight"
Is that the boiler you are putting in it?
Is that your house behind it?
Great seasonal pictures Andre. Make a Christmas card.
Any of these would definitely make a great Christmas card....and I like John's remark about a Moonlight in the Moonlight....regarding Christmas card shots thought I'd share this too from James Raffan's blog on Canadian Canoe Museum's website,,hit the road with raffan/id,17/view,entry/:


Although I might DIG it more if it was a wood canvas canoe!!!!

Sorry for hijacking your thread, Andre....I'd still lke to hear about any history on the Moonlight you might know....and maybe we should start a thread on wood canoes in snow....on potential Christmas card type images????
uh huh

Here's your @#$%& christmas card... has been snowing now for 48 consecutive hours and we've got 100cm so far, town has declared a snow emergency (whatever that is), all i know is i've cleared snow 4x now and its not letting up. Should have moved the Moonlight indoors. Guess I'll find it when it thaws:eek:


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The preceeding pictures make me grateful to live in Albuquerque, typically at the city's elevation. 5000 ft. we're lucky to get a couple of inches on the ground. doesn't even bother to melt, just evaporates, now on top of Sandia crest . another 5000 ft. to a total elevation of10,000 ft or so, it's a different story. The high desert does have it's advantages.

Happy Holidays to all you penguin types in the north country.

Don't look for it with a front end loader. Highways are closed here. I dug out today and will again tomorrow. Just old motorboats and somewhere my ax buried out there. Keep warm.
Highway 11 has been closed off and on, radio and web are urging people to stay off the roads. Always trying to thwart Darwinism, they are. Off to go find toys with my snowblower, shear pins in pocket. ;)
Andre and John, hope you're both inside somewhere warm....and out of all that snow....sounds like you're getting more than enough to last through to Christmas which should definitely be white....down in Toronto area we've been spared so far....although we've got snow on ground just north of Toronto....nothing close to up where you guys are
Andre, hope you find that Moonlight since it is such a beauty....and John, hope you find that ax (or have another) since you'll probably need firewood to keep warm
God it's good to live in the Great White North isn't it????
If there was any doubt as to the origins of the first Chestnuts, notice the close similarities between stem profiles and gunwale rise compared to the Morris stored below. Morris has 4digit oval plate on gunwale starting with a 4, oral history from owners descendants places it before 1910. Chestnut likely did not change much from the Morris reported to have been brought back from Maine years earlier that was duplicated.


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I like the first picture with your shortbox double transomed canoe and your winter skis made out of okd floor boards.
Very tidy storage.