Chestnut Identification


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Good Day,

I am new to the forum and thought if anywhere in the wired world, this group could assist my query.

I have recently acquired a 17' Chestnut Canoe. It is a fiberglass hull with the typical wood trim. It does need some work, though is relatively sound.

My question is; can someone help identify this unit an approximate age? I have been advised that Chestnut did produce fiberglass hulls in the '70s under the names Camper, Trooper and Scout. (This I learned from the folks at the Wooden Boat Forum).

Pictures of the unit are here:

Thank you in advance!

I have since had opportunity to correspond with the original owner of the canoe - the information he had on this anomaly I thought worth sharing.

This unit was left unfinished in Chestnut's production facility upon its closure. The fiberglass shell (a Prospector) was left without its woodwork. It was purchased 'as is' and was then completed by one of the laid off craftsmen who completed it to the Chestnut standard. Thus no serial number and so forth.