Check the weather before you leave projects outside

Andre Cloutier

Firestarter. Wicked Firestarter.
IMG_4142.jpgIMG_4140.jpgOr mother nature may just pick it up and toss it the length of your yard. On its way to being saved, after the crash landing on its way to its eternal reward. The dogs look says it all.
Okay Miller, final exam time - who built it?;) hehehe
Reminds me of a boat I once saw on the Mississaugi River, and another I once saw on Hwy 69.
I guess Bungy cords didn't cut it.
Dis it dogpaddle over there or is that can of gas for the engine.
You should be careful about leaving your Dog out like that. They are known for chewing on canoe parts. He (she) (it) might damage it beyond Daves' capacity for figuring out what the boat should really look like. Might even become unrecognizable, or small.
I've got pars for Killbear awards for lots of years to come! The gas is for the one-match fire, even in the rain:D Could fix anything of course, but this one was blown open and lost its shape after its wild ride.
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