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Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
In Memoriam
A few of the Norumbega Chapter Members gathered on the Charles yesterday with a couple of Charles River boats. There has been an attempt this year to paddle the 80 mile long Charles from the Source to the Sea in segments. The Chapter members are now well within Route 128 and heading for the Boston suburbs.

Yesterday, Bill posed for a shot with his 100-year old Brodbeck, next to the remains of a boathouse where Brodbecks may have been built.

Later in the day, folks swapped canoes to test handling and paddling characteristics of these crafts. Bill puts my 1914 Old Town Charles River Ideal through its paces.:cool:

We also loaded Steve's homebuilt tripping boat to the gunnels with three Norumbega's to test it's load handling capacity for an upcoming wilderness trip. We all stayed dry!

Sorry for the exposure of the pictures. I mistakenly had the camera set on "Kids Birthday Party", rather than "Canoe Outing":p .;)


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