Canoe for sale

Dan Lindberg

Ex Wood Hoarder
Posted on the CCR,

"I just found an authentic Walter Dean in a local (Quinte area) Buy & Sell dirt cheap! This could really be a sweet project for the right person. I'd jump on it myself if I had a cent to my name or knew one thing about woodworking.

The paper came out on Friday, but it could remain undiscovered for a bit as it's hidden in the Miscellaneous section. The ad is as follows:"

ANTIQUE CANOE, Sunnyside Torpedo, sound condition, $200. Call 962-7468.
Howdy Dan
I was all over that when I read it.Canoe was sold right away.Gonesville man!
Lastr Thursday.Someone local bought it
Hi Dan,

Yes, I thought it might go fast, as least to somebody who knows what it was.

Yes, Canadian Canoe Routes, a nice site for canoeing in Canada, one of 4 I check regularly.

The others are this site, Canoecountry (A BW/Q site), and the Wooden Boat site.

Walter Dean give-a-way

just read the above thread
nothing like a good Tuesday morning cry.....
must have been listed in the classifieds right under the free unicorn's horn