Canoe crazy? Who me?


Wooden Canoes are in the Blood
Travelled 500 miles last week end to pick up 6 canoes with my short box pickup. They range from 14' to 17', 5 Chestnuts and one Huron. Ran out of room on the truck so I had to leave a 17' Chestnut prospector in storage. I seemed to attract a little attention home ward bound at 70 mph.


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pklonowski said:
I think you could have put the last one on top.... ;)
Another one on top should still clear most of the underpasses...Think of all the gawkers you fooled. They thought you were getting ready to make bookcases...:eek:

That should keep you busy for a while...:)
Slick Dave! :cool:

My wife was ready to ship me off to re-hab when I came home with four old canoes piled on the top of my Pontiac Sunbird. And I only drove 20 miles, not 500!!

Don't let her know I enjoyed your photos or the boys in white will be knocking at the door.

Thanks for the smile.