Can someone please identify this canoe?


Curious about Wooden Canoes
I am thinking of purchasing this canoe and restoring it but would like to know what make it is before I do so. I don't know much about it other than it is 16'.

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Hard to tell from just the one photo, but it looks like a "Peternut" - could be a Peterborough, Canadian Canoe Co., or Chestnut.
Closer pictures of the decks would help. Also you might check for numbers on the inside of the stems. Thanks
It was built on a Chestnut form but could have been sold as a Peterborough. With only one thwart I suspect it may be a 15' or lesser grade 16'. The shoe keel and 4 thwart bolts also indicate Chestnut/Peterborough. We need the width,depth, rib width and stem face number to determine what model and brand name it received at the factory.
Looks Chestnutty to me. There may be the remains of a decal on the bow. Oval would be Peterbourough. Larger would be a Chestnut leaf. Usually UV leaves the wood lighter where the decal was applied.
Thank you for your responses everyone, they are much appreciated.

I just bought it and the dimensions are:
15' long
31'' width
14'' depth
1 1/2 inch rib width

I don't know what a stem face number is so that is unanswered.

There is a serial number but it is very hard to make out, what I can make of it is two sets of numbers: 5171 139

Again thank you for all the help,
With those serial numbers it is unlikely a 15' Peterborough Minetta but probably a 15' Chestnut Chum. These are the same canoes. The factory dimensions were a 12" depth and 33" beam with 1.5" ribs. FYI, I have a 15' Chestnut Chum for sale on the WCHA classifieds site which might be a good comparison for you.