Cabot varnish


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Has anyone used Cabot varnish? I was in Lowes and they offer Cabot varnish in Gloss, Semi-gloss and Satin all with UV protection for $14.00 a quart. Cabot is a well known maker of exterior pigmented stain for exterior use on houses, barns etc. and I used it on my barn with good results. I have never used their varnish. The price is about half that of Epifanes. I am aware that the “sweet taste of low price quickly fades with the bitter taste of reality” but it’s worth asking. Thoughts anyone?

Thanks, Jim C.
Depends I guess on hardness and value of the boat in question.Good boat go with a known varnish.Cheap boat then "Hows your barn look?".
Keep away from urethanes is all I have to say.
Hey John

This is a dumb question, but why do we avoid polyurethane? I always assumed it was because it isn't compaitble with spar and it did not strip off when we want to strip the canoe down the road.

Is there a more important, scientific reason?

Regrds, Dave.
Urethane is a stable plastic.Cedar is wood.Plastic is great on countertops and is known to work on plywood when the backs and edges are sealed but tends to split and fail to adhere when wood expands and contracts.It also tends to come off erattically,and resembles saran wrap where it has failed to adhere.Fine if it would fail everywhere at once but tends to fail over a period of seasons.Also I think it tends to trap water.Saran Wrap again.I guess you could poke lots of holes in it.The Microwave solution I call it.