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Curious about Wooden Canoes
As I look through strip-building books like Moores' book, Gilpatrick's, Van Lueven, etc., it seems that Gilpatrick has a more blue-collar philosophy than the others. Do you all find this to be true? While some advise one to be meticulous...Gilpatrick not so much. He basically says, "make sure that your molds are centered on the strongback." He shows pictures of excess glue streaming down the cedar strips, while others preach to wipe off any excess to avoid unnecessary sanding. Thoughts?
Yes, there are differing levels "building philosophies" amoung both the book writers and strip builders.

It can range from a "Windsong" on the finished end to a "Moores/Van Lueven" to a "Hazen" to a "Gilpatrick/MCA" on the less finished end.

What you have to decide for yourself is what you will be happy with.

My compromise was square beveled strips, full length strips, inner and outer stems, no staples.

Good luck,
Absolutely right

You made a perfect observation about Gil Gilpatrick's book. I learned from his book in the early 80's. I think it is a no BS want to build a boat book. 25 years later I can tell you that I build them much differently than I did in the ealier days but I will always be grateful to Mr. Gilpatrick for making it so simple that I knew I could build one. I see pictures of boats being built every week and with the exception of the stems, most home builders that I see pictures from build them as described in that book.

Remember that Gil Gilpatrick was not a "boat builder", he wasn't trying to sell plans or kits. He was, and I pretty sure still is, a teacher in the Maine school system and a Master Maine river guide.

You can find out more about him here.