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Curious about Wooden Canoes
I'm interested in getting the build invoice on a canoe with this serial number: XTC17040M78I. I believe it was purchased factory direct and delivered to W. Bullock in Upstate New York in 1978. It's a 17' Otca, blue canvas (or fiberglass?) over wood. Also, can anyone suggest an asking price for this canoe in G to VG condition with original paddle and carrier. Thank everyone for your response. CJB
Welcome CJB

My Old Town records don't have canoes with that type of serial number (at least, not that I can find), but Benson may be able to help you. Just wanted you to know why I found someone else's record and may seem to be ignoring you.

You might try looking at eBay and Craig's List for canoes similar to yours, to get an idea of what they sell for. If you are unsure if it's canvas covered, someone here may be able to help with that if you provide pictures, even without the build information.

Where's the serial number?

Thank you for your reply Kathy. Apparently I'm looking in the wrong place for the ID number. The canoe is identified as Old Town on the exterior as well as the interior and the paddle and carrier as well. Can someone tell me where to find the correct serial number. The number I have came from a metal tag on the front left side of the canoe. Obviously, I don't know much about canoes, so thank everyone for their time and help. Celestar.

The serial number should be stamped into the stem on the floor of the canoe near either end. The stem is the narrow piece that begins on the floor and follows the profile of the canoe up to the deck.

Thanks Charlie

I flipped the canoe over and found the serial number - 217040 16. At both ends! right where you said it would be! CJBullock
Glad you were able to find the serial number. My records don't go that high-- they end with s/n 210999 which shipped in 1975. Someone may have records that stretch farther into Time than mine.

Just wanted you to know you aren't being ignored...

Any pictures?

The scanned records only go up to 210999 so no one here can tell you much about your serial number as Kathy mentioned. The Old Town Canoe Company is most likely to respond to a serial number request if you send them the number, a check for three dollars, and mention part number 01.1332.0100 which is shown at as "BUILD RECORD HISTORY RESEARCH."

The Coast Guard's identification number for an Old Town will start with XTC and the last two digits should be the year when it was shipped. The format has changed over the years but the "I" on the end of yours probably means that it shipped in September. (i.e. "I" is the ninth letter in the alphabet and September is the ninth month of the year.)

Some good information about how to value an old canoe can be found at in the FAQ. The classifieds at are an easy way to find a good home for it and can give you an idea of what other people are asking for similar canoes.

Feel free to reply there or here if you have any other questions.

Thanks for your help...

Kathy and Benson, thank you for the information. Benson, that metal tag being Coast Guard issue makes sense. And the article regarding pricing was very helpful. We'll see how it sells here in upstate NY for $700. It needs a little varnish and some wood work, but is in good condition. I have another shell only, that has lost all its canvas that I would like to give to an enthusiastic restorer. Need to look for its ID number. Thanks again. It's been fun reading all the canoe information. CJB